Dear Sean & Crew,
  Lou and I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful job you did for us. The compliments keep pouring in and referrals keep pouring out! The landscaping job was beyond our wildest dreams. The “English Courtyard”, the patios and walkways, not to mention the beautiful plants, trees, and even lighting, were perfect. We have had many work crews at out house over the past 25 years, none of which could measure up to your crew. They were here every morning like clockwork and stayed until dark (and sometimes later) to finish the days work. They were so dedicated and very pleasant every day …what a treat! We were also impressed with the fact that you were on site almost 100% of the time. On those rare days when you were not here your crew kept working with the same dedication they had when you were on the job with them
  I hope that you have kept pictures of our property before and after your work. People would be shocked to see the difference. We didn’t keep many before shots but we certainly have a ton of “afters”. Thanks again for making our home such a beautiful place.
Sue and Lou Lucido

Having recently moved after 23 years at my old address, my only stipulation was that S.K. Complete move with me. For the last 20 years they worked to create not only the most beautiful property on the block but also the easiest to sell. For expertise, professionalism and quality workmanship, they are unrivaled. We did plantings, walks, a driveway, patios, landscaped a pool, retaining walls, a basketball court, sprinkler systems, and more. Each was a well developed, creative plan that was carried out in a timely, expert manner. It is always a pleasure dealing with S.K. Complete and I look forward to making this new home as beautiful as the last.

Donna Nastro Huntington Bay, New York

Sean Kelly and his very talented crew helped us with a detailed plan and then executed what our vision was for our front yard landscaping as well as a stone front walkway and stoop. We loved and were so impressed by his work and impeccable skill that we had him come back when we were ready to rip out our old wood patio! Sean came up with the entire kidney shaped design for the stone patio as well as the beautiful landscaped trees and plantings. We love what his work has done to our home. Sean Kelly’s craftsmanship is by far THE best. Nobody has been able to compare

Patti and Ed Carlson-Huntington, NY
Dear Sean,
  I just had to send you a note to thank you for the job you and your crew have done so far at our house this year. It’s been a pleasure working with such a true professional as you. The 10 month renovation of our house was quite an ordeal with many construction delays, problems, questionable workmanship and broken promises. S.K. Complete Landscaping was the one shining star during this difficult period.
  You always gave me advance notice of your work schedule and always started each phase of the project exactly on time as promised. And the quality of your work was top notch. You have a wonderful eye for landscape design, and we became very comfortable taking your suggestions regarding brick and stone choices, brick color and design and shrubbery. You, furthermore, coordinated the decking, siding and railing for our pool house and the fencing around our pool. And everything was always completed on time. What a pleasure!
  It was also very interesting to notice how many of our contractor’s men looked to you for guidance and advice regarding any construction work they were doing outside our house. It always felt good to have you working at the house and coordinating everything going on around you. Even though this wasn’t part of your job, you didn’t hesitate to offer advice and help others with their work because you take such pride in your work. You knew that with everyone on the same page and working together, the overall project would be a great success. And it was.
  The winter has forced you to stop for now, and we can’t wait for you to finish all the landscaping in the spring. We have already received so many compliments on your work, and it isn’t even the finished product yet. Our lawn, driveway, brick and stone work front and back, pool area and pool house are all beautiful thanks to you. And when you add all the additional shrubbery in the spring, we will truly have our dream house.
  Thank you again for a job well done. We look forward to completing the project with you in the spring.
Ilene and Mark Zelniker